'Triangle fusion' was designed to operate as an isolation pavilion, as a place in which visitors of Athens Heart Mall could be isolated from the crowd. This space should provide moments of tranquility and privacy. Pavilion's synthesis was influenced by two factors: the interior of the commercial centre, where the construction should be assimilated, and through my personal approach to the concept of isolation. To begin with the first factor, the interior is mainly characterized by twitched lines and non-right angles, which describe a large atrium. This atrium is a strong element of the synthesis of the centre and is particularly essential to the functionality of it, as it attracts all the movements of visitors on and around it. Even the atrium is coated on the top with glazing allowing the natural light be present throughout the day. The 'triangle fusion' designed to operate as a stand isolation, as a place that is in which a visitor to Athens Heart Mall will be divided by the number of trades. This space, integrated into the shared environment of the mall, you can offer moments of tranquility and privacy. To continue with the concept of isolation leads to actions in order to something to be alone, to be located away from the likes of or those around him, and may not communicate with them. The original concept that emerged from the above considerations is the outlines of three upturned equilateral triangles which are the one with the other inside-outside connected, and which constitutes the framework of the pavilion. The triangle is one of the basic shapes in geometry and is defined as a closed crooked line of three points.